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A global healthcare payment and mining node network.

A global healthcare payment and mining node network for unprecedented privacy, transaction cost savings, and user experience.



HealthCombix is proud to introduce the HCX PAY healthcare blockchain and mining node network.  HCX PAY targets payment related applications in the healthcare industry and will initially focus on cross-border healthcare payments:

“The current size of the cross-border healthcare market is $54 billion and is projected to grow by 25% per year through 2025, according to studies conducted by Deloitte and Visa International.”

In combination with smart contract and tokenizing capabilities, this privacy-based payment network enables payment and behavior confidentiality, business transaction privacy, reduced payment friction, reduced transaction fees, and widgets to build innovative processes to improve efficiency, transparency, and pave the way to healthcare innovation.

(Token: HCXP)

Confidential payments – HCX PAY utilizes “ring signatures” to eliminate the possibility to identify a user

Unlinkable transactions – HCX PAY transactions can’t be linked between the sender and the recipient

Conditional payments – HCX PAY utilizes smart contracts to enable event, time, behavior, human data,  and IoT activity based payouts utilizing safe-oracles

Egalitarian proof-of-work – HCX PAY hash function is designed for CPU and/or GPU mining for performant processing

Tokenized asset-to-payment swap – HCX PAY enables tokenization and automated payouts on healthcare and non-medical wrap-arounds

ASIC Resistant – HCX PAY CryptoNight algorithm adjustments reduce the risk of miner centralization and consequential network security damage

Adaptive limits – HCX  PAY network intelligently adjusts its parameters based on the historical data.

Payment widgets and SDKs – HCX PAY to support revenue management, EHR, HSA, POS, Apple,  FHIR,  and  exchange integration.

Approximate Distribution of Miner Reservation  Locations

(October 2018)


  • The cross-border healthcare market size is approximately $54 billion and projected to grow by 25% per year through 2025 according to studies conduced by Deloitte and Visa International.  HCX PAY reduces the costs and friction associated with consumers seeking care outside of their homelands.
  • More consumers and employers will seek lower cost retail or virtual medical consults for expert and urgent care advice projected to grow to a $50 Billion worldwide industry by 2020.
  • Demand for wrap-around or bundled performance-based  care will rise  in the United States and other countries driven by government and employer cost management mandates.
  • Healthcare micro-task payments will emerge in support of incentive system payouts, medical record curation, machine learning algorithms, exception handling, image analysis, etc.
  • Medical cost sharing, risk management,  and self-insured contracts in support of payor-to-smart health funding, payment aggregation, split pay, event-driven payments, etc.
  • Healthcare asset tokenization and swapping in support of value-based contracting, device performance payments, b2b trading, time-release, draw down, etc.
  • Self-sovereign data activity monetization (IoT, oracle, and data sharing)


  • Significantly reduced transaction fees
  • Confidential payments with no third-party privacy/payment risk
  • Low risk of behavior tracking
  • Low risk of business transaction tracking
  • New outcome payment experiences
  • More efficient and less costly billing processes
  • Zero knowledge proofs
  • Decentralized node operator network for maximum security


Reinventing how global healthcare works


Cyrus Maaghul, the founder of HealthCombix®, is a startup and technology product development professional based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has over 20 years’ experience in launching technology product and services companies and helping develop systems and product strategy for startup and large companies including PointNurse®, Digital River, Deloitte Consulting, Fidelity Investments, and Citibank. Cyrus founded and successfully sold two internet payment companies to Digital River, Inc in 2001 and 2006. He formerly served as the Director of Blockchain Product Development in the Fidelity Investment Blockchain Incubator. Cyrus earned his BA and MS in Applied Mathematics and Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook. Cyrus’ thought leadership has been published on,, and

Dr. Andreas Freund, based in San Diego, California, has worked in various technology leadership roles in the financial services, management consulting, and technology industries. He is a recognized and published leader in blockchain and distributed technology currently working as a strategist for the leading global Ethereum consultancy, ConsenSys. He previously led Tata Consultancy’s international blockchain technology advisory group. Andreas has hands-on design and development experience with various distributed system projects in areas including consensus, IoT, blockchain scaling, digital identity, and healthcare blockchain applications. Andreas’ earned his PhD in Physics from Pennsylvania State University.

Andrey Zhelnin, based in Poland, has worked for various outsourcing and IT solution companies as software developer, system administrator, and network analyst.  He has played leading roles including cloud system architect, DevOps lead, team manager, and unit manager designing and overseeing large data center networks, operations, and infrastructure.  His technical skills include Python, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Zcash, CryptoNote, Linux, VMware, Ansible, and various other network and data center infrastructure platforms.  Andrey received his masters degree in electrical engineering from Samara State Technical University.

Jim Spring, who splits his time between the Bay Area and Sierra Mountains, is a seasoned technologist with broad experience ranging from the design, development, and deployment of large SaaS offerings and distributed systems to building and optimizing applications on constrained and embedded devices. His specialties include security (pki, protocols, network, algorithms), scaling distributed systems, server architectures, file systems, compression, image and video coding, and cobbling esoteric technology solutions together for legacy systems. Jim has worked for companies including Microsoft and Skype. Jim received his bachelors and masters degree in computer engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Jason Ma, a blockchain revolutionary, is a lead software engineer who is experienced in blockchain and full-stack web development.  Jason is based in Hong Kong.  During the last 10 years, he has worked with several startup companies successfully bringing new blockchain and web software systems and platforms to market.   Jason is an expert in C++ and C software engineering with full lifecycle development experience including architecture design and systems level coding.  He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Tsing Hua University earned in 2012.

Toshio Spoor, based in the Netherlands, has over 20 years of experience in information technology. He started working with blockchain technology as early as 2013, and was responsible for setting up one of the first Bitcoin ATM networks in the Netherlands.  In the past several years, he was the technical lead in several Ethereum related blockchain projects. Furthermore, he is passionate about system security, Linux, and complex networks. Currently, Toshio holds the position as Chief Technology Officer of ByeleX BV, a Netherlands based innovation company.

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HCX mining is an opportunity to participate in the development of a next generation insurance and healthcare payment network and receive token rewards (HCXP) for providing computer resources (proof-of-work) enabling greater consumer privacy, lower transaction costs, and the streamlining of inefficient processes.

We plan to initially offer one HCX PAY VIRTUAL MINER per customer for the first 500 customers for the first 12 months starting on December 1, 2018. Your managed mining node will be installed  on one of our various  partners cloud networks accross the globe.

GIven the the yourhfulness of the HCX PAY network, we believe it is possible to make a profit today – or at least mine a decent amount of HCXP – via a HCX PAY virtual mining node. We anticpate HCXP will be available on exchanges to tade in Q2 2019.

Sign up for an HCX PAY Managed Virtual Mining Node ($720/year), we take care of it all, both hardware and software.

Managed account fees cover cpu costs, storage, network bandwith, 24/7 monitoring, software updates, security, and operations support.

In the future, after the network grows to a sufficient size, we will offer miners the ability to download and run our mining software on their own computer or participate in mining pools.


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